Gang and Youth Violence Prevention Programs

Youth gangs are responsible for the majority of serious violence in the United States and commit a disproportionate share of offenses. In schools and neighborhoods where gangs are active, gangs create a climate of fear, and increase the amount of violence and criminal behavior. Preventing youth violence is a vital part of promoting the health and safety of youth and communities.  ARIO is well committed and has taken a strong step in preventing Youth violence from occurring in the African communities working closely with Multnomah County and Washington County. 

This page provides links to local, state and federal programs and publications that focus on solutions to problems of youth violence. Much of the research work on causes and solutions were done more than a decade ago. The principal focus of this page are current programs of the community, schools, and local governments.

Youth Violence and Prevention

The citations below discuss the issue of youth violence, provide statistical data, and general program information.

School-Based Prevention Initiatives

School Violence Prevention

  • About School Violence, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Includes prevention tools and resources.

The African Refugee Immigrant Organization (ARIO) serves as a resource center and "think tank" for efforts that promote safer environment and foster positive youth development within the African Communities.